Tune In Your Favorite Station

Listening to the radio.

The comment in my baby book is that I liked anything musical.  Sounds about right.  Every morning before school it started with “tuning in” a station on the radio to listen to while we ate breakfast.  Oldies, top 40, classic rock.  Even some country music now and then.  Spinning the knob as fast as you could on the big boombox to get to that station is something I can relate to!

The 80’s Child Revelation

It was during a conversation with my husband about ham radio, and getting licensed that I finally put two and two together.  Those childhood stations HOT101 and K105, those were shorthand for frequencies and callsigns.  I GET IT!  WHOT can be heard when tuned to 101.1FM.  So in amateur radio I am the station!  I get a callsign, and we meet on various frequencies.

It is unfortunate that after the 80’s and 90’s the iPod came along, and streaming MP3 music took over.  How will the younger generation ever connect the dots, and get their interest peaked in amateur radio without the experience of “tuning in” a station.

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