Why Ham Radio?

This is a question I like to ask most female operators. Because I am perplexed that I myself became licensed. Why did I get into ham radio? I think it is a little sus that many XYM’s have a licensed XYL. That means they got us into their hobby! Which is not a bad thing. It is a way to spend time together….and get your wife to agree to crazy purchases of antennas, rigs, and for those in e-comm the necessary battery set ups. And yes, I have agreed to all of those things since becoming licensed! So besides the influence of the XYM, why did I get into ham radio?

Sky Watching + Photography in my 20’s

Amateur Radio Meets Meteorology

An intense childhood fear of thunderstorms led to a fascination with weather and watching clouds after my mother gave me a weather field guide one year. It helped turn fear into fascination.

Amateur Radio Has the Old Timey Factor

A love of nostalgia drove my interest as well. I am a casual “junker”at antique shops, I love watching old TV shows, handed down hobbies like canning and crocheting, and just love the “feel” of that heavy old kitchen wall phone and a real Sunday newspaper. Keeping alive the old arts, crafts, hobbies, and trades just interests me. So ham radio fit my general interest.

Those are the parts of ham radio that applied to my personality. My XYM is an IT guy, loves the electronics and techie side of the hobby. He is also very social where I am more introverted. So you can have very different personalities and this hobby can appeal to you. It can offer something to everyone. So pass the ham!

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